The Happy Snapper - about me

My name is Kathy, I am an Australian living in beautiful tropical North Queensland.

I make no claim to being a photographer, as I am not versed in the technicalities of photography.  I rely on my camera’s auto functions and am happy with the images I capture.  I am the Happy Snapper!

Modern digital cameras make it easy to get the focus and exposure correct in the photos you take.  But, a good photo is a lot more than just a sharply focussed and nicely exposed image.  Learn to look up, down and all around you for the unusual angle, and details that many folks miss.  I believe my talent lies in spotting that special object, looking for different angles and getting the composition right.

I love to experiment with post-processing in Adobe Photoshop, using the captured image as a starting point.

Travel is my greatest passion. I travel mostly with my husband Don, but on occasions we are joined by friends or our children.

After a decade of travel to over 20 countries, I am happy to share my approach to researching, planning and organising such trips.  At this point I am not focussing on where to stay or what to eat as photography is the mainstay of this blog

My latest camera is a Nikon 5600 with an 18-200mm lens. I also use a 10-20mm wide-angle lens.

Just recently I have been dabbling in I-Phone photography but so far haven’t had a really good chance to test it out.

My other passions are living a healthy lifestyle, family, cooking, and the great outdoors.